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Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not see your question below, 

feel free to call and ask us. 


Q. What is a Psychic?

A. A Psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception. They are able to identify what may be hidden from the normal senses by using gifts of telepathy or clairvoyance, a "feeling" of knowing. An unnatural ability to understand that which is unexplainable by natural laws.


Q. What is a Medium?

A. A Medium is someone who communicates with those who have crossed over to the other side. Mediums have the gift of intuition and are able to "see" "feel", and "hear" information from the other side. This information can be in symbolic images, they may hear names, feel their pain, and offer messages.


Q. What's the difference between Psychics and Mediums?

A. Mediums raise their vibrational energy in order to connect to the energy of the souls of those crossed. They "see." However, Psychics "feel" and deliver information about the past, present, and possible future events. They typically do not give messages from the other side.


Q. Can a person be both Psychic and a Medium?

A. Yes. Remember "All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums."  A Medium sits between the realms.


Q. Is it ok to ask questions or should I not say anything at all?

A. Ask your questions. Remember Psychics are not mind readers. If you have certain questions, it is best to ask to ensure the Reader will answer what you want to know. Readers read energy and if you don't communicate with your Reader you may make it difficult for energy to flow. 


Your Reader may ask you questions like, "Is this making sense to you?," or "Does this relate to you?," to be sure they are on the right track and that you understand the information being relied. There may be times the Reader misinterprets information coming through and may need your assistance to pinpoint the information more accurately. This doesn't mean they're "fishing" for information, but simply looking for clarification. If the Reader says something that doesn't make sense, or doesn't relate to you, feel free to say so.

1. YES, Ask questions you’re most interested in, you don’t want to end your reading with unanswered questions that are the most important to you.

2. Try to ask open-ended questions rather than a yes/no questions. This allows more well rounded answers to flow freely. Try to avoid asking specific questions that start with ‘who/when/where.’ This may restrict information and limit what needs to be said.


Q. What's the difference in abilities?

(Clair is the French word meaning Clear.)


1. Clairvoyants- are clear seeing.

2. Clairaudients- are clear hearing.

3. Clairsentients- are clear feeling. (empaths)

4. Claircognizance-clear knowing.

5. Clairgustance- sense of taste or smell.

6. Clairempathy- sensing emotions.

7. Psychokinesis or telekinesis – ability to manipulate objects with one's mind.

8. Psychometry or psychoscopy – ability to obtain information by touching a person, picture or an object.

9. Telepathy – The ability hear and project thoughts.

10. Precognition or premonition – ability to see future events via dreaming, visions, a feeling of knowing.


Metaphysical Myths

Q. Do I have to be gifted a Tarot deck?

A. No, you can buy a Tarot deck. So Go out and buy yourself as many decks as you want.


Q. Do the lines on your palms change?

A. Yes, especially after a reading. The lines often change with new information and the choices you make.


Q. Is there such a thing a "set in stone" future?

A. NO. You have the freedom to choose. Even the Gods will not manipulate your free will. Hence the reason a good Psychic will not predict future events. They see "potentials" based on certain patterns. But remember, you can change your potential future events by changing your path.


Q. Can a Psychic know when someone is going to die?

A. Yes and No. A good Psychic may sense death is nearing, but should never predict a specific time-frame. We believe that is the job of the Gods, (the Higher Power). If a Reader decides to give out death and dying information this may lead a client to "Self fulfilling" prophecy and scare a person into believing something that may not be true and live like they're dying. We believe this is unethical. The reason being that Spirit may have plans for the dying person to being healed miraculously, or their death may be delayed for some other divine purpose. It is purely the will of the Gods. Only Spirit knows for sure when it's someones time to cross over. WE DO NOT GIVE OUT DEATH AND DYING INFORMATION.


Q. Are Psychic/Mediums scammers and use cold reading to con clients?

A. Unfortunately Yes there are con-artists out there, but most are often easy to spot. If a Psychic tells you that you have bad luck or bad energy around you, or that someone put a "hex" on you and for a fee, they will remove that energy, then they are probably scamming you. These people aren't usually around for long. These types of "so-called Psychics" take advantage of people and the psychic industry, making it all about money. 


However, most psychics are genuinely gifted to some degree. A good Psychic respects what they do, is in-tune with Spirit, has a good reputation, is well knowledgeable in their field, and always upholds THE RULES of ethics and the best interests of their clients. When choosing a Psychic or Medium, always do your research.


Q. What is the average charge for a session with a Reader?

A. That depends. If you're in a big city, the price may be higher than say a small town.  Some Readers may charge by the minute, others may have a set price for a certain amount of time i.e. $60 for 30 minutes. The average cost can be anywhere from $20 to $200. Again it depends on the Reader, the type of reading, and locale. And just because a Reader charges a higher price doesn't mean they are better than the  ones charging less.

Q. Why do Readers charge?

A. Some believe that because we are "gifted" that Readers should give their services away for free. However, experienced Professional Readers charges for their time, knowledge, years spent in the field of their studies and their expertise. If they own a brick and mortar business, they have many business expenses, especially if it is their sole source of income. Just like with any other professional business, Lawyers, Doctors, Hair dressers, Auto mechanic, etc. your pay for their knowable service.  If a Reader doesn't charge, most people will not take the reading serious, and the Reader may be deemed as a carnival side show.


Q. Are there times when a person cannot be read?

A. Yes. There are variables that may make it difficult for a Psychic to read a client. Such as:

1. The Reader's energy may be off. They may be ill or have situations going on in their life to where their energy isn't in tune with Spirit.

2. The Client may not be open to receiving a reading. They may be blocking the flow of energy. This can be due fear, skepticism or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most Readers prefer not to read a client that appears to be under the influence.

3. Spirit may not want the Client to know certain information at that time. Some information may be considered harmful to the client and or may cause unnecessary fear.

4. The energy between the Reader and the client may not be suitable for a reading. Perhaps their energy isn't flowing openly. One Reader may struggle with a reading with a certain client while another Reader doesn't  have any problem with  reading the same person. Again it is about an exchange of energy.

5. There could be too many distractions which may impede the flow of energy. Readings should take place in an area that is relatively quiet and has little distractions.


Q. Why didn't the crossed over person I wanted to speak with not come through?

A. Mediums cannot force those on the other side to show up on command. It is by polite invitation that spirits choose to come. Some may not show up at all.

Reasons may be:

1. Crossed over loved ones may not want to be bothered at that time. They be in a healing state.

2. They may be busy on the other side, they have alot stuff to do over there.

3. They may not be ready to return just yet. This often happens with the newly crossed. It can take some spirits years.

4. The Reader may not be able to raise their vibrational energy to reach a certain spirit.


Q. Can I have someone sit in on a reading with me?

A. Yes provided the Reader is ok with that. Some Readers prefer not to mix the energies of others that sit with you at the time of a reading. Another person's energy may interrupt the flow of your energy being read clearly and may confuse your energy with another. The Reader may also censor the reading due to having others sit with you, especially if its an intimate relationship. It is better to get a reading by yourself.


Q. Can I record my reading session?

A. Most Readers do not have a problem with a client recording a session, however you should always ask first. It may be illegal in your area to record without permission.


Q. Why do some Readers have me sign a form before a reading?

A. The laws regarding readings vary in different states. Most Readers will have you sign, (what we call a), "Release of Liability" form. This ensures that you understand that the reading is for "entertainment" purposes only. And that you are solely responsible for your interpretation of the reading. 


Q. What is Reiki?

A. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying hands on" and is based on the idea that a life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.


Q. Do you accept credit card, debit, or PayPal?

A. Each Reader in our shop is self employed. Its best to ask your reader what they accept. Here at Crystal Cauldrons we all accept credit/debit. Most of us accept pay pal. We usually do not accept checks as payment. But definitely ask your Reader prior to scheduling a reading.

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