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​Spiritual Consultation and Holistic Cente​r

Your "One Stop" Psychic Shop


Crystal Cauldrons is a very unique type of Shop. Davina, the shop owner, starting reading Palms when she was 16.  Throughout her life, she has shared her gift of Mediumship and 

Psychic abilities. 

Now she brings many others to share their gifts to one place. It's not always easy to find what you're looking for when it comes to Spiritual issues. 

At Crystal Cauldrons you will find a wide variety of what you may be seeking.

 So call us and schedule your appointment Today.!  








*This is for entertainment purposes only.

*We do not give out death or dying information.

*We are not Doctors and do not prescribe or diagnosis.

*Our services are not a substitute for medical, legal counsel or mental health treatment.

*We will not render any service if you appear intoxicated or under the influence.

*We will not render any service to anyone under 18 without parent consent.

*Any advice given is considered as informative not prescriptive.

*We believe future events are potentials and not set in stone.

*All Team Members are self employed contractors and

solely responsible for their own services. 

*We are NOT fortune-tellers. 

*We are NOT Mind Readers.

*Readings are confidential.

*No Psychic is 100% accurate.

*Prices are suggested donations.

*You will be asked to sign a "Release of Liability" 

Which confirms that you understand this Disclaimer and that you are solely 

responsible for the interpretation and your actions after receiving services.

*If you are not completely satisfied with any service we offer, you do not pay. 

Refunds are ONLY available at the time services are rendered.



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