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2024 Classes



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March 16th


Friday April 19th
Class with

Friday April 19th

 6pm to 8pm. $40

"Are you a Witch?" 

You do sense a strong pull to Nature, herbs, crystals, tarot, 

Magick and all things Metaphysical??

Do you have a desire to help and heal others and our planet?

Do you feel a calling to understand Gods/Goddesses.

Would you like to get to know how to work with your Spirit Guides?

Are you fascinated by the Moon?

In this class Davina will delve down the path of the Witch.

She will discuss the different types of Witches and the various types of Magick. She will teach you how you can work with different moon cycles, colors, crystals, various materials and understand the power of casting your circle.

 All levels Welcome Newbie to Advanced.


Davina, is a Certified Professional Psychic Medium Palm Reader for over 30 years. She's an Intuitive, Energy Worker, and a teacher of the Metaphysical. She is a published author and the owner of Crystal Cauldrons, a Spiritual Consultation and Holistic Center in PA. She is a gifted Medium as she helps connect you with crossed over loved ones. She can help guide you through your life path and will do her best to answer any Spiritual questions that you may have. Her gifted abilities to read the lines on your palm will uncover your unique story. She will guide you to understanding what your lines mean and translates the messages she receives from Spirit.

Crystal Cauldrons 461 East Main Street Reynoldsville Pa 570-470-6397 Call to register for class or to schedule your appointment.



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