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2023 Classes



All levels Welcome 

More classes will be added 

so check back regularly 

(classes and prices are subject to change) 


Monthly "Message Circle"

Class Dates for 2023 with

Rev. Arthur Keicher:

(all of Art's classes 

start at 6pm)

Oct 2oth

Nov 17th

Dec 15th

"Message Circle"

Rev. Arthur Keicher

rsvp to spirithelp101@

In the class, Art is offering an opportunity for you to experience sitting in circle to connect with Spirit and possibly your loved ones. There will be an open discussion afterwards to discuss "Energy and Mediumship" and how you can learn to connect with the other side.


"Magick, The Craft and Spell Work"

Class with Davina

Friday Oct 13th

6 to 8pm $40

*RSVP call or text

(seating is limited)

Davina 570-470-6397

A Lesson in Enhancing Your Personal Magick.

Do you ever feel a calling to do something for the greater good? Perhaps you're feeling a strong pull to work with Nature and the elements and have a desire to help and

heal yourself and others.

In this class we will discuss what Magick is, the different types of Magick, and how to craft effectively. You will learn how to work with different moon cycles, colors, elements, and understand the power of

casting your magickal circle.

We will discuss how to work Magickal Spells into your path to help you manifest desired outcomes. As we will delve down the path of the Magick, you will also learn how you can work the directly with the Gods, Goddesses and Spirit Guides to get the most potent results.


Call the Reader Of your choice


In person

or Phone readings.

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