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2023 Classes



All levels Welcome 

More classes will be added 

so check back regularly 

(classes and prices are subject to change) 


Class Dates with

Rev. Arthur Keicher:

(all of Art's classes are on a Friday starting at 6pm)

Jan 27th

Feb 17th

March 24th

April 21st

May 19th

June 16th

July 28th

Aug. 25th

Sept. 22nd

Oct 2oth

Nov 17th

Dec 15th



"Message Circle"

Fri. May  19th

 6p to 8p


class with Rev. Arthur Keicher

rsvp to spirithelp101@


"Message Circle"

In the class, Art is offering an opportunity for you to experience sitting in circle to connect with Spirit and possibly your loved ones. There will be an open discussion afterwards to discuss "Energy and Mediumship" and how you can learn to connect with the other side.


"Moon Magick"

Class with Alena Kupchella Gourley

Friday, June 2nd



ALL Levels Welcome

Step into the mystical realm of sacred Moon Magick with this transformative class. Discover the power of the lunar cycles, harness your intuition, and unlock your inner goddess.

Join Alena to experience the Magick for yourself and sync with the moon for intentional

and sacred living.

This class aspires to guide you to learn the moon phases and how that can bring more Magick into your day to day life. Alena will use guided relaxation to determine what thoughts or behaviors that are no longer serving you. She helps you identify the practices that will amplify your life in the best ways possible.

Come join us for connection, community and welcoming in the magic.


Call the Reader Of your choice


In person

or Phone readings.

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